A moment, a dog and a crow

Above Burrard bridge,
a land of puffy clouds emerge as the rain stops and
crows drop mussels from the skies
on the concrete,

under it,
the Granville island barnacles sing in icy waters snugly holding
the bottoms of boats
— I stand at sunset beach and watch,

a crow on a winter tree,
a white dog waiting for me and
a moment quickly passing.

© Priscilla Prerna Rai 2022. All Rights Reserved.

This poem is about a mindful moment I stood with my dog watching the Burrard bridge and the little boats near Granville island across from the English Bay. It had stopped raining, the world was quiet except for the crows and I stood there alone but not lonely — at peace.



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Priscilla Prerna Rai

Priscilla Prerna Rai

Writer of sorts Vancouver | Himalayan