Real Love

Caring is hard,
caring for someone difficult is specially hard.
Those who don’t want to budge from their comfortable spots,
loved ones who just want to lean back into their old easy habits they’ve collected over uneventful years like souvenirs.
It’s hard to watch them without doing anything because you love them
and you can’t watch them drowning.

Neglect is easy,
it’s easy to let things be,
to spend no energy and to just care for yourself.
To turn a blind eye so to speak.
It’s easy to go with the flow but swimming against the current is hard,
going against the grain is hard.
But what is real love?
Love is not only a feeling, the oxytocin that hits you,
a cocktail of chemicals,
a literal drug.
Love is action,
love is taking discomfort and pain so that someone else you love won’t be lost in the wilderness of their minds.

We fight for the people we love,
it’s specially difficult if you have to fight with them,
for them.
When instead of their champion you come off as their enemy,
the no- fun bore, the killer of good times.
Sometimes we also have to fight with ourselves
for ourselves,
to be the adult we needed growing up,
to be the solid kind constant,
to be the savior and great love we wait for.



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Priscilla Prerna Rai

Priscilla Prerna Rai

Writer of sorts Vancouver | Himalayan