Why do I go out into the wilderness?

Someone asked me why I go out into the wilderness?
I said I go out because after days of being harnessed to a table and a chair, a room with four walls, and crowds of thoughts ,
my soul needs to be free, to be taken for a walk, to savor the taste of open skies.
So I take my soul to the forest
to listen to the stories of the wind that has traveled through tops of trees,
caressed the blue ocean,
flown behind the wings of seagulls and come back home carrying their scents .
My soul needs to watch the sunshine,
to see it move through the trees like liquid gold,to bathe in it and be redeemed,
It wants to be amazed by the shapes of leaves or the lightness of flurries,
to see that the snow is melting and that time is indeed passing,
to hear the song of the river ululating over smooth stones,
to feel excited to explore a hidden corner or to take an unknown road.
My soul needs to get tired in a good way,
to want food and sleep and warmth and to relish and be grateful for these things,
I take my soul out to live a little and exhale a lot.



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Priscilla Prerna Rai

Priscilla Prerna Rai

Writer of sorts Vancouver | Himalayan